Smartsite Management

Technology innovation and adaptation of Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) into new/improved delivery processes has been the central element of the Company’s notoriety and success – delivering verified customer savings of 10-25%. Leveraging substantial improvements in data availability and accuracy, SmartSite delivers unparalleled performance and value at every step of the design/build process: Pre-construction Value Engineering → Procurement → Near-real-time Progress Tracking and Reporting. Progress reporting is world-class! Started by entrepreneurs Frank Duduk and Pat Hobbs, SmartSite operates adhering to the principals of the “Triple Bottom Line” (or 3 P’s – People, Planet, Profit) – a framework where social (People) and environmental (Planet) performance are central considerations in addition to the traditional financial performance (Profit) measures. SmartSite takes this a step further by focusing on means, methods, and services that deliver beyond compliance results.