The Hot Horse Remedy

StressLess™ is a show safe supplement and to prove it does not test positive for banned substances, we submitted our own horse’s blood and urine to LGC Science for testing. Thank you LGC Science for helping us with this project. StressLess™ is safe for long or short term use, has no side effects (no drowsiness or impaired motor function), and it will absolutely not affect the brilliance of your horse. Our horse supplement has a palatable apple flavor and it is show safe, non-addictive, and herbal free. “StressLess™ is amazing & has helped my horses at Dresden Manor Farm. TopHorse Gangster CHS has jumped clean in every 7 year old class since we started using it… allows me to keep his body fresh to jump but helps his mind to stay quiet for the ride ability on course.” Kris Killam, Owner of Dresden Manor, Rider & Trainer for Helene Jones of Top Horses LLC .